halloween tales

Presented by The Clocktower Centre and Salt & Poppet Theatre


Have you got a Halloween tale to tell?  Maybe there’s a skeleton living in your cupboard that only comes out at night, or you’ve seen a ghost trying to play hopscotch in the laneway?  Perhaps you’ve seen a thousand bats fly out of the clock face at the Clocktower Centre, or heard scary sounds coming from the haunted house in your neighbourhood?  We’re calling for scary stories from across Moonee Valley, and we want to hear from you! 

Award winning Salt and Poppet Theatre will adapt the winning spooky story into a short shadow puppet film for Halloween.

Puppetry artist Theresa O’Connor will adapt your frightening story and illustrations into shadow form that come alive on screen and sound artist Tom McKeand will design the deadly soundtrack to your tale.

The finished spooky story will premier on the Clocktower Centre website and across all our social media channels!

So, write us a scary story, draw a chilling picture and for bonus points, include the mystery object of a timepiece in your entry.


Entries Close 11:59pm Sunday 11th October 2020

Halloween Tales from the Clocktower LANDSCAPE V1
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