Sessile Conversations: An Interactive Installation Exploring the Senses of Plants

12-14 April from 10am-1pm

Sessile conversations explores five sensory areas, asking "How do Plants see?", "What is smell like for Plants?", "Do Plants like to be touched?", "Do plants move?" and "Do plants remember?"

The installation started with a musical interpretation of these concepts, and to create an interactive experience, the music is aided and assisted by visual, tactile and movement activities. The installation is run as a series of short stops on a tour of five sensory experiences, where we stop, listen, and explore the qualities of each sense.

In a project created by Meredith Connie through the Clocktower Studio Residency program, music is the starting point for this journey into the senses of plants. Meredith is a classical guitarist: a composer, performer and teacher. She works at the intersection of music and storytelling to create projects that are more than a musical concert but still place music front and centre as a vital and engaging way to tell stories.

Cost: Free

Suitable for childred aged 5-10 years

Sessile Conversations