5, 6, 7, Create

5, 6, 7, Create Puppet workshops with Black Hole Theatre The Clocktower Centre and Black Hole Theatre are delighted to bring you 5, 6, 7 Create

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The Candle Podcast

The Candle is a project by multi-disciplinary artist Sasha Cuha and Psychotherapist Giovanna Iglesias. It aims to shed light on Mental Health within the Arts scene, highlighting the struggles artists experience; whether due to mental ill health, societal constraints, financial, and support concerns. Sasha and Giovanna interview artists from Mooney Valley and surrounding areas.

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Windows to the Soul 1

Windows to the Soul Puppetry

What do you see through the window? Last year, we saw teddy bears and rainbows cheering up our neighbours’ windows. Through our own windows, we watched seasons change; new flowers pop into colour, and unknown people passing by became familiar faces.

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