Fix it!

The Enviro-friendly Clown

The Clocktower Centre Online Roadshow presents Fix it – a four-part online series of videos created by Anna Thomson Comedy, exploring fun, interactive and very silly ways to connect with your inner clown and the environment around you.

Get ready for games, nature-inspired challenges, talking bins, underwater escapades, singing compost...and more, as Fix it inspires you to find creative ways to get your hands dirty, and access the tools to create change!

Tune into the Clocktower Centre Facebook page for a new episode released 3.30pm on Mondays and Thursdays, commencing the week of 28 September. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.


Production credits: Creator and Performer: Anna Thomson;  Filming/Stop Motion: Anna Thomson; Creative feedback: Afsaneh Torabi ; Music:; Stock Images:

FixIt website 1

Episode 1 - Find something in your environment and mimic it!

Episode 2 - Explore your indoor environment and give an everyday household object a second life.

Episode 3 - Look at a problem from a different perspective and get creative with it!