Lior, with special guest Jess Hitchcock

Sunday, 31 July 2022 at 5pm

This performance sees one of Australia’s most successful and respected singer/songwriters, performing an intimate concert of songs drawn from his vast back catalogue of recordings.

With the backing of a string quartet, this is a chance to hear Lior in a manner harking back to archetypal ‘salon’ concerts…

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3.MCO Hennessy Four Seasons

Melbourne Chamber Orchestra Vivaldi’s Four Seasons *Cancelled*

Saturday, 31 July at 3pm

The Four Seasons is not just well-known: it’s one of the most exciting, colourful and innovative
works from the Baroque era. Each concerto is accompanied by a sonnet, and the hallmarks of
each Italian season, from birdsong in Spring to pesky flies in Summer, are imagined in amazingly vivid musical form.

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