Story Surprise Podcast

Story Surprise Podcast

We're excited to share that this podcast was nominated for an Australian Podcast Award! The nomination is for the 'Bullseye Award', a category that recognises 'exceptional listening experiences for niche audiences and those underrepresented in the media. It’s a big award for small shows making a real difference to their communities’.

Congratulations to Anthony and Lauren on this incredible nomination! 


Join Anthony, Lauren and Teddy Bear Mick for stories, music and silliness the whole family can enjoy.

You can listen on demand on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Story Surprise is perfect for long car trips, story time and it makes a great alternative if you’re looking for screen-free entertainment for your kids.

This season is targeted at children 3 - 7 years. We’re focusing on inclusion, representation and sharing impactful and diverse stories from heaps of Aussie authors and fantastic story tellers! There’s something for everyone.

In addition to the podcast, there is some video footage to support the 1st episode. We have started a video series called ‘Sit Down Sessions’ where we interview the guest reader from the podcast.


About the series 

This series is aimed at parents, carers or any adult who might like to enjoy our new podcast season with the kids in their life and wants to know a little more about behind the scenes and why it’s so important these guests join us to help us share some powerful messages with your kids! Some of these impactful and diverse stories are not experiences that Anthony or Lauren have lived, or identify with. However, these themes and topics are very important and we know there are many children out there who would benefit from and deserve to learn from and enjoy these stories. And so, we’ve enlisted some guests to help us do the story-telling. These guests relate with the story and the characters featured. In these interviews, you’ll learn a little more about their experiences and their connection to the story.



Ep 1 - My Shadow is Pink

Ep 2 - Betwixt

Ep 3 - Milo's Little Secret


Ep 4 - Fun at Home with Story Surprise & Friends

Story Surprise Fun at Home Podcast

Ep 5 - Come Home Ella

Ep 6 - Rosie Leads the Way

Rosie Leads the Way Cover

Ep 7 - Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me

Ep 8 - Home

Ep 9 - The Sharktown Strutters Ball

The Sharktown Strutters Ball

Ep 10 - Koalas in Space

Koalas in Space Funky Sock Co

Ep 11 - Solo Dan

solo dan

Ep 12 - This Small King

This Small King